Welcome to Cub Scout Pack 720

Viera, Florida

Fun Facts about Us: 

  • We are a smaller Pack with roughly 30 amazing Scouts, both boys are girls.
  • We serve children in grades K-5.
  • We have an amazing network of people who work to help make our Pack go–first and foremost is our charted organization–Pastor Ron Myer of Faith Viera Lutheran Church & the La Paz Mission. As a Scout himself Pastor prides himself in community outreach. We are very lucky to have him!
  • We do several different service projects during the year–one in the fall and one in the summer–we join the Challenger District and Scout for Food, our Pack alone gathers thousands of pounds of food for the needy and in the summer we do an annual beach clean up! This year we gathered 7 full buckets of garbage. 
  • We do fundraising projects–sell popcorn, a car wash, and camp cards to help fund our own program to give the Scouts the best opportunities. 
  • We participate in a lot of outdoor activities–camping, hiking, fishing, swimming and more! 
  • In 2021, the Pack celebrated it’s 21st “birthday”
  • We have a very diverse group and are welcoming of all individuals! 
  • We are one of several Packs on the Space Coast that Fall under the Challenger District, and Challenger District is one of several that fall under the Central Florida Council

 Cub Scouting: What is it and what are the benefits?? 

036_IntroHoldingBeltLoop_FullRes_NewBeltLoopScouting is not only fun, it is also educational.

Cub Scouting offers young children a strong foundation of learning the importance of : 

fun (& hard work)–learning new skills, gaining self confidence, and developing friendships, –ideals–spiritual and character growth, citizenship training and personal fitness (and the importance of)-The Cub Scout Promise: Pledge of Duty to God and Family–The Law of the Pack-Good Cub Scouting and being a good citizen–strengthens families–Provides Adventures, we have an Advancement Plan–rewarding hard work with annual rank advancements–creates fellowship, promotes diversity, provides a year round program and is a positive and safe place for the Scouts & families. 

Cub Scouts lets us have fun while learning.

For  each rank an expertly tailored program to match the capabilities of that scout based on his or her age. With so many adventures, there is always something fun and exciting to do!

We offer have a year round program with several fun activities continuing throughout the summer!

Every week or every other (depending–generally 2-3x monthly) during the school year our Dens (Lions, Tigers, Wolves, Bears, Webs 1 and Webs 2(AOL)  meet with their den at a local park to work rank requirements. Our Pack meets as a whole once a month with  fun activities planned. The Parents and Leaders of our Pack meet once a month to go over budget, administration issues and upcoming activities. 

Our leaders are lots of fun and have decades of experience in Scouting. We are always looking for new scouts and their amazing parents to join our ranks!

Come and join us on our next adventure and visit us at our next pack meeting.

Cub ScoutsCurious about all the fun we have as Cub Scouts? You can click here to learn more.

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BSA Youth Protection ProgramFor parents: You can review our policies on safe Cub Scouting by following this link.