Media Release Form

As a Cub Scout Pack, often uses photographic and electronic images and/or recordings of events, ceremonies and other activities to share the adventures of our Pack with our Scouts and website visitors.

By participating in Pack 720 activities and being present in public settings, you may have your photo, video, or other media recorded and uploaded to the website. For all scouts and scouters at the event, they must have a signed Media Release form for these media clips to be uploaded and used. All electronic or non-electronic negatives, positives and prints, and other digital files shall constitute Pack 720 property, solely and completely.

If the form is not signed and on file with the Pack Committee, some scouts may be asked to stand to the side of pictures, video, or recordings, or will have their likeness blurred out or cropped out. However, in the case of video recording, their voice may still be heard in situations where they are speaking off camera.

Media Release Form Pack 720

Social Media Access Agreement for Adult Leaders Pack 720